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Mausoleum of the Golden West
Stained Glass
  •   Family Room A, Sanctuary of Memory
  • Jesus and the Little Children
  •   Family Room B, Sanctuary of Faith
  • Mountain Stream
  •   Family Room C, Sanctuary of Memory
  • Faith
  •   Family Room D, Sanctuary of Memory
  • Agony in the Garden
  •   Family Room E, Sanctuary of Faith
  • Laguna
  •   Family Room F, Sanctuary of Faith
  • Arrowhead
  •   Family Room G, Sanctuary of Eternal Love
  • The High Sierras
  •   Cenotaph Entrance (East)
  • Spanish Explorers
  •   Cenotaph Entrance (West)
  • Spanish Missionary & Indigenous Convert
  •   Galleria Entrance (Flower Room East)
  • Trees and stream
  •   Galleria Entrance (Flower Room West)
  • Lake, mountains and tree
  •   Galleria Backdrop
  • Tri-Panel
  •   Galleria Backdrop (Left Detail)
  • Children and parrot
  •   Galleria Backdrop (Center Detail)
  • Angels overseeing sailing ship
  •   Galleria Backdrop (Right Detail)
  • Woman and infant
  •   Sanctuary of Dawn
  • Mission San Luís Rey
  •   Sanctuary of Dreams, Alcove of Dreams
  • Mission San Buenaventura
  •   Sanctuary of Dreams, Alcove of the Cross
  • Floral Cross
  •   Sanctuary of Eternal Love, Alcove of Lullabies
  • Mission Santa Clara de Asis (1777-1851)
  •   Sanctuary of Eternity
  • Brook through a Tropical Forest
  •   Sanctuary of Fidelity (stairwell)
  • Mission San Luís Obispo de Tolosa (1772)
  •   Sanctuary of Fidelity
  • Mission San Juan Bautista
  •   Sanctuary of Hope at Sanctuary of Devotion (East)
  • Mission Bells & Courtyard Fountain
  •   Sanctuary of Hope at Sanctuary of Devotion (West)
  • Russian River
  •   Sanctuary of Hope at Sanctuary of Faith (East)
  • Romulus and Remus
  •   Sanctuary of Hope at Sanctuary of Faith (West)
  • Emerald Bay
  •   Sanctuary of Hope at Sanctuary of Rest (East)
  • Cypress Tree, Morro Bay
  •   Sanctuary of Hope at Sanctuary of Rest (West) 
  • Antelope Valley
  •   Sanctuary of Hope at Sanctuary of Reverence (East)
  • El Capitan
  •   Sanctuary of Hope at Sanctuary of Reverence (West)
  • Yosemite Falls
  •   Sanctuary of Hope (North), Alcove of the Bells
  • Mission San Diego de Alcalá de Henares
  •   Sanctuary of Hope (North), Alcove of the Pacific
  • Mission San Carlos Borroméo del Rio Carmelo
  •   Sanctuary of Hope (North), Alcove of Pines
  • Mission San Francisco de Asís
  •   Sanctuary of Life
  • Mission San Juan Capistrano
  •   Sanctuary of Loved Ones
  • Wooded Pathway to a Village
  •   Sanctuary of Meditation
  • Mission San Fernando
  •   Sanctuary of Rest
  • Mission Santa Barbara
  •   Sanctuary of Repose
  • Mission Santa Ynez
  •   Sanctuary of Reunion
  • Mission San Gabriel
  •   Skylights
  • Sanctuary Ceilings
  •   Galleria
  • Aeternitas
         Fides Constans
         Memoria Immortalis
         Pax Aeterna
         Pignora Amoris
         Requies Beata
  •   Cenotaph -- Military Memorial
  • Three large panels
  •   Sanctuary of Hope, Alcove of Innocence
  • Christ with the Little Children

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