2019 Floral Placement and
Pick-up Schedule
Earliest Placement Date
Pick-up Date
Valentine's Day
Feb. 7
Friday, Feb. 22
Apr. 14
Monday, Apr. 29
Mother's Day
May 5
Saturday, May 18
Memorial Day
May 20
Monday, June 3
Father's Day
June 9
Monday, June 24
4th of July
June 30
Friday, July 12
Halloween &
Día de los Muertos
Oct. 24
Friday, Nov. 8
Nov. 21
Friday, Dec. 6
Dec. 12
Monday, Jan. 6, 2020

All pick-up times begin at 6:00 a.m. on the dates listed on
the right

Please pay careful attention to these dates and times for holiday placements. Other than holiday periods, all flowers and decorations are removed weekly.

Please follow our rules for decorating provided in the brochure available in the main office and online here.

Decorative placements are made at your own risk. Inglewood Park Cemetery is not responsible for lost, stolen, discarded, or disturbed items.
Thank you.
Inglewood Park Cemetery Management