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Inglewood Park Cemetery offers a Property Listing service which enables cemetery property owners like you to list their property for sale through our licenced broker. Our memorial counselors serve many families each year who are looking for property in areas where our inventory may be low. Your property may be just what someone is looking for, and we appreciate the opportunity to assist you in finding a buyer.

When you list your property for sale through our Property Listing Program, you will be asked to sign an Exclusive Authorization and Right to Sell form, along with an Interment Authorization form for each grave or crypt, both covering the referenced property. These documents must be signed by all owners, before a notary public.

The Exclusive Authorization and Right to Sell gives the cemetery an exclusive 24-month period during which to list your property for sale. (The agreement must be exclusive to avoid a double sale.) At the end of 24 months, if your property has not been sold, you will be given the option to renew your listing, or to remove the property from our list. If you move, it is imperative that you notify us as soon as possible. This will help to avoid a delay in your receiving payment when the property is sold.

The Interment Authorization is your permission for Inglewood Park Cemetery to make an interment in the property in the event it is sold to a family at the time of need. Often an interment will be scheduled within a few days, and transfer papers might take longer if you are unavailable at the time of sale. Each Interment Authorization must be notarized. Once the property is sold, transfer papers will be sent to you for your signature. When we have received and recorded the signed and notarized transfer, we will process your check. This could take up to 30 days after you return your signed and notarized transfer documents.Please contact our Listing Department or call (310) 412-6500 if you have any questions. This service is offered for your convenience only. You are under no obligation to list your property for sale through this program.

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