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Inglewood Park Cemetery is operated by a team of professionals whose collective experience with the company exceeds 140 years. Each department is overseen by an officer whose duty it is to ensure Inglewood Park provides the best products and services to our customers, and to manage the company in such a way as to preserve the dignity and heritage of the cemetery indefinitely.

We know that you expect the utmost care for the final resting place of your loved ones, an honest and caring staff, and service provided with compassion and integrity. Our goal is to meet these expectations with excellence.

Cemetery Officers   
Cheryl D. Lewis Mr. Miller has many years’ experience in the death care profession. From 1981 through the mid-1990s, he owned and operated multiple funeral homes and managed cemeteries. From 1993 through 2014, he was employed by two major cemetery and funeral multi-facility corporations, with regional management responsibilities. He was most recently engaged as Principal of Miller Consultants, a firm specializing in management and business consulting with a focus on funeral and cemetery sales and operations, as well as non-profit organizations.

Active within International Cemetery, Crematory & Funeral Association (ICCFA), he has served on the ICCFA Board of Directors, spoken at several ICCFA Conventions, and currently serves on the Sales and Marketing Committee. He is also currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California.

Rick J. Miller, CCFE (2016)
Chief Executive Officer and General Manager
Certified Cemetery & Funeral Executive, ICCFA
Mr. Brown "grew up" in the cemetery business, and came to us from another cemetery in 1994. With his background and experience in park operations, he hit the ground running as Park Manager. He earned his degree in civil engineering and was put in charge of our Construction and Development functions, working with the various construction companies who build our mausoleums, as well as other vendors for the maintenance of our facilities and grounds. Today, he oversees both Park Operations, and Constuction & Development, managing a crew of about 75 groundsmen. He also serves as our Corporate Secretary.

Mr. Brown has, for many years, been active in the Cemetery & Mortuary Association of California, and currently serves as Program Chairman.
Kevin D. Brown
Kevin D. Brown (1994)
Vice President of Park Operations and Construction & Development
Bachelor of Science, California State University, Long Beach
State Licensed Cemetery Manager
State Licensed Crematory Manager
Certified Cemetery Manager, ICCFA
Cheryl D. Lewis
Ms. Lewis is one of IPC's longest-serving employees. She began in the Accounting Department, then moved into the Payroll Department. From there, she was put in charge of Human Resources, and in 1995, was made Vice President of Family Services. She oversees both the At Need Sales Department and the Orders & Records Department. Due to her well-rounded knowledge of the various departments of the Cemetery, she is able to provide a wide range of assistance to employees and clients alike when needed.

Cheryl D. Lewis (1978)
Vice President of Family Services
Bachelor of Arts, University of Phoenix
Masters of Business Administration, University of Redlands

Mr. Allen spent four years working in the insurance industry before joining Inglewood Park Cemetery (IPC), where he began his career in August 1983 as a memorial counselor in the Pre-Need Department. He was promoted to be a group manager within his first six months with the company. Over the following 25 years, he managed one of the top sales groups in the Pre-Need Department. He became a Licensed Broker with IPC in 2006 and was promoted to the position of General Sales Manager in that department in January 2013. In July of 2014 he was promoted to his current position, Vice President of Pre-Need Sales. Mr. Allen has over 30 years of customer service experience.
Art Allen
Art Allen (1983)
Vice President of Pre-Need Sales
Bachelor of Arts, Pepperdine University
Ms. Gonzalez began her career with the Cemetery in the Account Services Department, where she assisted families with their account questions. From there, she moved to the Trust Fund Management Department, working under our on-site Fund Manager. When he retired, she remained and now assists the new Fund Manager who works remotely. Her knowledge and efficiency in tracking and reporting on the investments of Service, Commodity, Floral and Endowment Care Trust Funds, interacting with customers, financial institutions, and the State of California earned her the elevation to Vice President.
Jacqueline Gonzalez (1990)
Vice President of Fund Management

Ms. Bracho-Hernandez is Vice President of Human Resources at Inglewood Park Cemetery. Prior to her joining Inglewood Park Cemetery, she worked as a recruiter and on-site manager for a large manufacturing company. In addition, she worked in staffing for 15 years with one of the largest staffing agencies in the world. Her experience in her field well-qualifies her for the many duties incumbent upon her within the Inglewood Park and Park Lawn Cemetery “family.” Her knowledge of the legal, safety, and personnel aspects of Human Resources has been invaluable in keeping our properties in compliance with regulations, and a safe and welcoming environment in which to work.
Monica Bracho-Hernandez, PHR (2009)
Vice President of Human Resources
Member, Society for Human Research Management (SHRM)

Mary Guzman (2017)
Chief Financial Officer

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