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Arranging for your own services in advance is not difficult, but there are some things you might want to consider in making decisions about what kind of interment and memorialization you choose. Here are some points that might be helpful to you:

  • Full burial or cremation? — This is the first choice you must make, because it will determine how you proceed in making decisions about property and memorialization. Inglewood Park Cemetery has a crematory on the premises, and many lovely alcoves and columbaria for final disposition. Please visit our Cremation page for more information.

  • Ground burial or mausoleum entombment? — Perhaps you love the serenity of our grounds, the green lawns, the whispering trees, the sparkling lake. Or perhaps you admire the stately mausoleums, their grand designs, clean interiors, beautiful stained glass. Maybe you would like a combination of both in a garden mausoleum complex. We invite you to tour our grounds and facilities to see the beauty and feel the peace. We think you'll find what you're looking for here.

  • How will my family feel about my choices? — It is important to remember that your spouse and children will have some very strong feelings about your final arrangements. These are usually influenced by their love for you and their own particular aesthetic perceptions of honor and dignity. We urge you to discuss your plans with them to ensure that they will understand and accept your preferences and choices. Taking their feelings into consideration in the decisions you make now will be a comfort to them in the future.

  • What kind of memorialization do I want? — Many areas feature pre-designed memorial styles for aesthetic grace and uniformity, but you also may personalize your marker or plate with emblems, photos and endearments. Other areas have few restrictions and give you more latitude in layout and content (see our page on Memorials for more details). We can help you decide on inscriptions and other design options for a lasting tribute to your life and accomplishments.

  • How important is cost versus my personal preference? — Inglewood Park Cemetery offers a wide selection of property styles to fit any budget. Once you have decided what your personal preferences are for placement and memorialization, as with any major purchase, only you can determine what is affordable for you. Please see our Payment Plan options for helpful information.

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