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If you've been putting it off, you are not alone. People can think of all kinds of reason to avoid the inevitable. Here are some of the most common ones, and why you might want to reconsider:
  • I'm not ready to think about it. — Let's face it: we're never going to be ready to think about it. But if you have purchased auto insurance, home-owner's or renter's insurance, health and life insurance, you've already shown that you believe in being prepared for the unexpected. Making cemetery arrangements in advance is one more way of sparing your family the financial burden and additional grief of decision-making in a time of loss.
  •  I won't care, once I'm gone. — Perhaps not, but someone will have to decide, and more often than not, that person will be someone who loves you. The dynamics of grief often weigh upon surviving family members who want to honor their lost loved one, sometimes over-extending themselves financially. Planning ahead spares them not only the guesswork about what you "would have wanted," but the expense that goes along with it.
  • I can't afford it. — When a death occurs, all expenses must be paid prior to the service. Will your family be able to afford a lump sum? Choosing your own arrangements in advance lets you decide how much you want to spend, and allows you to make monthly payments over time. And once your complete arrangements are paid for, price increases will not affect you or your family.
  • My life insurance will cover it. — Your life insurance company will not help your family make decisions about where to go, or how much to spend. And do you really want your family using the benefits for your funeral and burial instead of their own security? It just makes sense to get everything in order before your time comes.
  • I just want to be cremated. — If cremation is your choice, you've already made one decision. But that's only the beginning. What becomes of the cremated remains? Cremation is not disposition. State laws are specific about how cremated remains may be disposed of, and being relegated to a shelf in the garage is not a lasting option. We encourage you to discuss this with your spouse, your children, or other next of kin, so that a final permanent place can be designated.

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