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Vista del Lago Uccelli in Volo
Uccelli in Volo
Vista del Lago
Family Estates
In one of the most unique and beautiful locations in the Cemetery, overlooking the Lake of Memories, lie the Vista del Lago Family Estates. This new and innovative development incorporates both full burial and cremation placement in the shade of mature trees. Vista del Lago features 94 double capacity niches in the Uccelli in Volo (“Birds in Flight”) Columbarium. The columbarium itself is constructed in the United States of American Rose Granite quarried in South Dakota. It is designed also to receive up to 200 sets of cremated remains in an interior ossuary.

Atop the columbarium is mounted a specially designed, commissioned bronze sculpture, handmade in Parma, Italy, depicting a flock of birds rising in flight.

A total of 112 double capacity lawn crypts extend the project north and south of the columbarium. Those closest to feature are set out as Family Estates. Each estate include a granite slant for inscription of the family name. Specially designed bronze markers may be purchased as well. Granite benches are set between each family grouping. For those who desire a single double capacity lawn crypt, a number of these are also available and may be purchased individually.

We invite you to take a stroll through this area to see for yourself how peaceful and inviting it is.

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